Post offices, or PTT, are scattered throughout every arrondissement and are recognizable by a yellow "La Poste" sign. They're usually open weekdays 8–7 and Saturday 8–noon. Airmail (prioritaire) letters or postcards usually take at least four days to reach North America. If you have questions, you can chat live with a customer service in English via When shipping home antiques or art, request assistance from the dealer, who can usually handle the customs paperwork for you or recommend a licensed shipping company.

Airmail letters and postcards to the United States and Canada cost €1.20 for 20 grams, €2.10 for 50 grams, and €2.60 for 100 grams. Stamps can be bought in post offices and cafés displaying a red "Tabac" sign.

Shipping Packages

Sending overnight mail from Paris is relatively easy. Besides DHL, Federal Express, and UPS, the French post office has an overnight mail service called Chronopost that has special prepaid boxes for international use (and also boxes specifically made to mail wine). All agencies listed can be used as drop-off points, and all have information in English.

Express Services

DHL. 23 rue Feydeau, 2e, Les Grands Boulevards, Paris, 75002. 08–25–10–00–80;

Federal Express. 63 bd. Haussmann, 8e, Around the Louvre, Paris, 75008. 01–40–85–56–60;

UPS. Office Depot, 168 rue du Faubourg St. Honore, 8e, Les Grands Boulevards, Paris, 75008. 08–21–23–38–77;


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