Goodwin The Steak House Helsinki


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Goodwin The Steak House Helsinki

The GOODWIN Steak House is the only classic American steakhouse in the Baltics and Scandinavia. A team of professionals used steakhouse traditions and their own first-hand experience to create the first restaurant of its kind in Finland. GOODWIN is a place for those who like beef. It is a place of interest for those who come here to eat a steak and for those who come here eager for our meals and for us to tell you about the unique taste of marbled beef.

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  • More Info: Eteläranta 14 00130 Helsinki
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  • Phone: +358504198000
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The vibrant food culture and the diverse food-related events make Helsinki a fascinating culinary destination. Whether you're interested in fine dining or street food Helsinki is a city for your taste. Try local specialties such as salmon soup with rye bread, Karelia pies or cinnamon buns, enjoy maritime cuisine in idyllic island restaurants in the summer and stop for seasonal delicacies at the traditional market halls and market places.