Expedition Everest—Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

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Expedition Everest—Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

A fierce yeti guards the route to Mt. Everest. Of course, you're willing to risk running across the big guy in your roller-coaster quest to reach the summit. So, you board an "aging," seemingly innocuous, 34-passenger, steam-engine train into the mountains. You roll past bamboo forests, waterfalls, and glacier fields as you climb higher through snowcapped peaks. Suddenly the train becomes a runaway, barreling forward then backward around icy ledges and through dark snowy caverns.

Nearly a mile of twists and turns cut through the dark mountain, and at one point your train plunges a harrowing 80 feet. Will you find the yeti? Buildings along the queue look like Himalayan mountain dwellings and teem with things like prayer flags, totems, and other artifacts from Tibet, Nepal, and the entire region.

Since the coaster is supposed to be less intense than, say, Space Mountain, brave children who meet the 44-inch minimum-height requirement can ride. Pregnant women or guests with back, neck, or heart problems shouldn't ride. For people with disabilities: You must transfer from your wheelchair to a ride vehicle; ask a cast member about the Transfer Practice Vehicle. No service animals. Unless you prefer to see the animals first, rush here as soon as the park opens and the wait isn't too long. Otherwise, grab a FastPast+ or choose the Single Rider Queue.


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